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Low Vision Equipment for Everyday

Looking back to a time when technology was not nearly as forefront in our daily lives as it is today, we can see how quickly our ability to adapt to tools and equipment has advanced. Daily we rely on devices and technology to aid in our tasks, communication, entertainment, and ultimately our lives, even in medicine and therapy. Low vision equipment continues to grow along side our use of technology to assist those with low vision through everyday life. The once inconceivable freedom now gleamed through handheld devices and computers; is a testimony to the available success of handheld low vision equipment. Learning to use these devices, be it any capacity, often comes with a moment of intimidation, the learning curve, and the forgotten challenge as the joy of a newly found freedom is quickly achieved. Tremendous advancements are now available in low vision equipment, providing visual aid like never before.

Advancing Low Vision Technologies

Formerly low vision equipment provided limited magnification such as the traditional magnifying glass, the loop, tabletop arm mounted magnifier, and magnifying mirror. These types of low vision equipment failed to offer lighting support, magnification strength options, and overall substantial visual aid. Using devices such as an electronic handheld magnifier, viewing options including color contrast, additional lighting, sharp image focus, and multiple magnification strength settings, has developed the traditional magnifying glass into an extremely useful everyday low vision tool. The handheld magnifier exemplifies the most portable of the low vision equipment tools available today, and allows for the more sustained usage low vision equipment to be utilized in the larger everyday tasks.

Portable and stationary desktop magnifiers display the flexibility of use and the sustainability of short and long usage time. Varied by design and manufacturer, this particular family of low vision equipment and tools offer a ‘do most things’ attitude. Featuring the ability to gather information from near and far, display in real-time, high-resolution picture quality, and increase magnification, some desktop magnifiers offer more than mere reading support. Other desktop magnifiers provide low vision equipment right for the home or the office desk. Able to be used for reading, writing, working on the computer, provide powerful magnification to detail oriented works, or simply for enjoyment, the desktop family of low vision equipment and devices is the most powerful of the tools available today.