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CCTV Magnifiers: Eye Disease and Low Vision Devices

Known as a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) or as a Video Magnifier, CCTV magnifiers provide low vision aid for a full range of visual needs, specializing in assisting individuals with macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, and other low vision causing eye diseases and conditions. The benefits of a CCTV magnifier are many, as the versatility provided allows for independence through visual magnification and technology. Depending on the video magnifier, duties such as reading the mail, books, writing, enjoying a crossword puzzle, connectivity to a computer and much more can be accomplished with the aid of this one low vision assistive tool.

The CCTV magnifiers are generally a combination of a customized camera, mount arm for steady hands-free positioning of the camera, a viewing screen/monitor, lenses with the ability to zoom (sometime as great as 82x magnification), and viewing modes with lighting, color, and contrast modes for optimal visual assistance. There is often a viewing platform, which allows easy positioning of the item, book, or image to be magnified.

By portraying the optic information received by the camera on the screen/monitor, CCTV magnifiers allow you to control the focus, magnification, and often screen preference settings. The information is simply gathered in video real time, and displayed in the monitor. The real time video magnification make the CCTV magnifiers a great solution for writing and performing hands-on activities, like crossword puzzles, writing checks, and intricate detail hobbies like needlepoint and model building/painting.

With many CCTV magnifiers available today, understanding the options available can help determine which video magnifier is the right fit for your particular eye and vision condition. Some great questions and facts to consider are:

  1. Is a CCTV (video magnifier) a helpful tool for the needs I have?
    The time to consider a CCTV magnifier may begin when you need more than standard eyeglasses and possibly even require more than a traditional magnifying glass to see, read, and write with maximum available visibility.
  2. What features and flexibility options do I need and want?
    These options can be as simple as color viewing with a black and white contrast-viewing mode, or as advanced as computer connectivity, split screen monitor viewing, and multiple focus/magnification settings.
  3. How simple and easy to use and operate are the model(s) I am interested in?
    Discover what video magnifier is easy to navigate and choose a device that will allow you the freedom to use with confidence, as well as meets the visual and desired purpose needs.
  4. Seek the advice and experiences of others who know the products available. By seeking the advice and experiences of peers and vision specialists, you will be well prepared for choosing the right CCTV magnifier for your lifestyle.