Free Low Vision Guide and Catalog

Are You Ready for a Low Vision Aid?

The signs may be obvious that you are ready to use the assistance of a low vision aid, yet you might be wondering which low vision aid is right for you. Some visual aids available today require more of a financial investment than others, yet compromising features and flexibility of use for sheer dollar sake, might prove a poor decision in the long run. By no means should the decision to buy a low vision aid be made in haste, without the due diligence of finding what will best to assist your vision for the task(s) your performing.

Steps to Start You in the Right Direction

Take mental note of the things you do (or want to be doing) which require a low vision aid. Are the tasks mobile; i.e are you reading things while you are on the go (cookbooks and prescription notes in the kitchen, menus while out to eat, newspaper at a cafe, or books in your favorite reading chair)? By asking yourself these questions (and more), you can better identify some handheld/portable magnifiers that might be a great fit for a low vision aid suited for your lifestyle. Some handheld/portable magnifiers are sleek, small, and lightweight devices that can be carried with you just about anywhere. Using a desktop magnifier for the uses above are likely a ‘right fit’, however you might have narrowed down your search just in knowing what your low vision aid and device needs are.

Think also about ease of use. Will you be holding the low vision aid in your hand as with handheld portable magnifiers? (If so, your hand might get tired after a certain amount of usage time). Do you require a more hands-free portable low vision aid like those magnifiers that rest on the surface of the reading material? Consider also the low vision condition of your eye. Is your central vision lost or compromised? Various low vision devices specialize in aiding individuals with particular low vision needs, providing features like image capture, additional lighting, color settings, and contrast adjustments.

Maybe the tasks you are performing which require the assistance of a low vision aid are more than the on-the-go visual task. Perhaps you are looking for a low vision aid that is designed for work, extended reading, writing, hobbies, computer connectivity, and more. If you have identified with the necessity for these types of low vision aids, exploring the types of desktop and portable desktop magnifiers may be the correct direction in finding for your low vision aid. Desktop magnifiers often provide a more powerful magnification and have been designed to do multiple functions (depending on the maker and manufacturer).

The first steps are always to identify your individual needs, added with the understanding of what vision enhancing products are available, will assist your decision for find the low vision aid perfect for your desires.