Eye Health

Digital Retina Exam Without Dilation

Posted on: Nov 13, 2015

At my most recent yearly eye exam I was asked if I wanted to pay more and not have my eyes dilated for the retinal exam.  I declined, had my eyes dilated and all was well.  Next time I’m asked that question, I may give a different answer.  That’s because there’s lots more reasons to […]

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Declining Depth Perception

Posted on: Nov 09, 2015

When someone has been diagnosed with macular degeneration the most common symptom that comes to mind is the loss of straight ahead or the center part of one’s vision.  This vision loss affects one’s ability to read or to recognize a familiar face.  But there are other changes that can also affect one’s quality of […]

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SightRisk – A New AMD Risk Assessment Tool

Posted on: Oct 19, 2015

There are many established risk factors for developing macular degeneration.  However, up until now there has not been a tool to analyze not only one’s risk factors, like age, gender, lifestyle and family history, but also to combine that information with clinical reports, such as the presence of macular drusen or the density of the […]

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Screens, Eye Strain and Sleep

Posted on: Oct 14, 2015

Today’s electronic screens from flat TVs to tablets to smart phones all emit blue light.   Light, and especially blue light contributes to eye strain, the development of macular degeneration and to sleep disturbances.   Sleep Disturbances According to Harvard Medical School’s  Health Publications, “ …not all colors of light have the same effect.  Blue wavelengths […]

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Lutein can Help your Eyes

Posted on: Oct 10, 2015

Not only does lutein help to keep our brain healthy, but the antioxidant is also critical in safeguarding our eyes as we age. Research suggests that a daily dose of dietary supplements, including this plant extract, is critical in reducing the risks of chronic eye disease. When consumed, these beneficial nutrients (found in foods such […]

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Implantable Miniature Telescope – 5 Year Study Results

Posted on: Oct 02, 2015

David S. Boyer, vitreoretinal specialist at Retina-Vitreous Associates Medical Group in Beverly Hills, CA will be presenting the results of the study, Five Year Data Demonstrates Long Term Effectiveness and Safety of VisionCare’s Telescope Implant for Macular Degeneration in Patients 65 years and Older to the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) 33rd Annual Meeting.  […]

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Have You Ever Considered Participating In a Clinical Trial?

Posted on: Sep 28, 2015

Have you ever considered participating in a clinical trial for your macular degeneration or any other eye disease? Macular degeneration (AMD) studies look at many different aspects of this retinal disease. The purpose may be to improve the visual acuity for those with macular degeneration, or to slow the progression of dry AMD to wet […]

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Five Ways to Protect Your Vision from Medications

Posted on: Sep 11, 2015

My father-in-law who has wet macular degeneration was recently put on a new prescription medication.   Within 24 hours of starting his new medication he could tell a stark difference in his vision which had become severely blurred.  Thankfully it scared him and he contacted his doctor who instructed my father-in- law to stop taking the […]

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How Blue Light Exposure Affects our Health and Our Eyes

Posted on: Sep 08, 2015

“Light at night is bad for your health, and exposure to blue light emitted by electronics and energy-efficient light bulbs may be especially so.” Blue Light Has A Dark Side Harvard Health Letter MAY 2012 Blue light exposure may affect our health in two significant ways: Interferes with melatonin production and sleep circadian rhythm Exposure […]

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Treatment And Detection Of Low Vision Diseases

Posted on: Jul 13, 2015

The study of polarized light, and the different ways we perceive light, is currently providing researchers with new information that could help with the treatment and detection of low vision diseases such as Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. This newly discovered data also highlights some interesting correlations between our vision and the vision of certain animals, […]

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