National Sunglasses Day – Enjoying the Outdoors while Protecting your Vision

National Sunglasses Day – Enjoying the Outdoors while Protecting your Vision

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June 27th is National Sunglasses Day and a good reminder to protect our vision while we are outside enjoying summer time activities.  This is the moment most of us wait for all year:  After a long, cold, bitter winter and a not so warm spring, summer is the chance for us to get some fresh air, thaw out, and soak up some sun.

What are your favorite summertime rituals?  What is the one thing you do that makes it feel truly like summer?   Is it having a root beer float, cutting up a juicy watermelon, or grilling up some hot dogs?

While you are enjoying the great outdoors, here are three quick tips to protect your eye sight:

  1. Wear your shades! Make sure to purchase sunglasses that can provide 100% protection from both the UVA/UVB light.
  2. Wear a hat! Whether it is a big floppy hat, a baseball cap, or a visor, wear something that will shade your eyes and protect your vision.
  3. Eat your veggies! During the summer there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that can help your vision.  Grill up some vegetables for dinner or slice up some fresh fruit for dessert.  Enjoy the fresh produce summer has to offer.

Get outside while the weather is nice!  Grab some friends for a walk, host a small barbeque, read a book on your porch, or visit the local farmers market.

To participate in National Sunglasses Day join the discussion on Twitter with The Vision Council at #NationalSunglassesDay or post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite shades with #SunglassSelfie.  Visit The Vision Council’s website to learn more about protecting your vision and the importance of National Sunglasses Day.