Low Vision App for Money Management

Low Vision App for Money Management

Posted on Apr.12, 2016, under Living With Low Vision, Low Vision Info, Low Vision Tips

There is no need to wonder what kind of paper bills are in your wallet anymore thanks to the free EyeNote App.  Developed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for the blind or those with low vision, this app identifies denominations of U.S. paper currency from $1 bills to $100 bills.  Download it for free from the Apple App Store.   For easy to find access, once you download the EyeNote App put it on the bottom left or right corner of your device screen.  Under your Settings/General/Accessibility/ turn VoiceOver to on.

Position the paper bill – front or back –  about 6” to 8” away from the camera. Scan the bill (at least half of it).  Wait 2-4 seconds and your device will speak back to you the currency amount. Control the volume – higher or lower by adjusting the device’s Volume Control.  It will also let you know if it’s the front or back of the note in case you are needing to use a vending machine.  For example you will hear “Five Dollars Front” or “Ten Dollars Back”.  If you get this message “Error, Reposition” you will need to rescan the bill.

The app supports the option of English or Spanish.  Access your Language setting by going to Settings/General/Language. For privacy, a user can use earphones to hear their message or they may also choose a Privacy Setting and obtain the identification of the amount of the bill using vibrations or beeps depending on the device.  One vibration is for $1, two is for $2, three is for $5, four is for $10, and 5 is for $20.

For best results use the app with adequate artificial or natural lighting and either hold it still or place the bill on a flat surface.  Using your phone’s camera and image recognition technology, the app communicates back to the user the amount of the currency.  Once the app is downloaded no data connection is required for it to work, so if you are at a location with very little or no cellular connection or no wi-fi it will still be functional.

The app identifies currency from Series 1996 and forward and will be updated as currency designs change.   At this time it can be used on these devices:

All iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch iOs devices that have a camera including the iPad mini.

Thanks to image recognition technology knowing what paper bills are in your wallet is no longer an unknown.  Check out more details on the EyeNote app here:


Leslie Degner, RN, BSN