Turn Your Computer Into An E-Book Reader

Turn Your Computer Into An E-Book Reader

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One of the disadvantages of reading on an e-book reader for those with low vision is the screen size.  Ranging from 6.5 “ x 5” to 9.1″ x 6.2″ the screen size may be too small for those who need the largest font in order to read.   Often a better and cheaper option is to install the Kindle app onto your laptop or desktop computer.

There are several advantages to this option:

  1.  The app is free and can be downloaded onto any Mac or PC There is no need to go buy another device. You can use the computer that you already  own.
  2.  Larger Screen Size

Most laptop screens or computer monitors have a larger viewing area ranging from 13” to 27”.

You will find that the free Kindle app offers many of the same features found on the Kindle readers.  Here are some of the features that can make reading easier:

  • Twelve font sizes from small to extra-large
  • Three background color combinations – white on black, black on white and sepia
  • Brightness control
  • Number of words per line can be adjusted
  • Maximize your viewing area to a full screen
  • Easy to locate and navigate chapters with listing in the left margin
  • Ability to highlight sentences, write notes, or bookmark a page
  • Search feature – type in a word and find every page where that word is mentioned
  • Library of books shows all the books that have been downloaded making it is easy to switch to a different book


Reading at a desk for any length of time is certainly not as comfortable or relaxing as reading in the comfort of your favorite arm chair with your legs stretched out on an ottoman.  So if you plan to read for any length of time with a laptop resting on your lap, consider getting a laptop cooling pad.  It prevents the heat from transferring to your legs and keeps you cool and comfortable. This gadget allows one to keep reading comfortably without getting overheated.


Leslie Degner, RN, BSN