Siri Caught a Cold

Siri Caught a Cold

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As an avid iPad user the Siri feature has become a normal part of its use. I like her available and uplifting voice as she asks me questions and answers my queries. She makes me laugh with her boldness as she tells me “Off to the clouds”.

Then after I had gotten used to her voice and intonations I pushed the home button and told Siri that I wanted to send a text message. What happened next stopped me cold. Instead of the flirty girl I heard a sultry, smoky, semi French speaking female voice coming out of my iPad. In fact, it was so distracting, that I had forgotten my formulated text message. The time elapsed and I had to start over. The new Faux Siri asked me what I wanted to say in my text message but again I was put off by the voice that I hesitated again one moment to long.

As a person with a visual impairment I value the sound of voices. Sometimes I can hear more in how they say it then the words themselves. So in this instance the new Smokey Siri was awful and disarming. I attempted to go to my setting and see if I had inadvertently done something that caused her to mature and leave the little girl behind. Things all appeared to be well in my setting structure. I wanted the vibrant, fun gal who made me laugh instead of the new adult version of Siri.

Did that mean I too had to grow up? Did I have to now take on a false persona to make it in the new world? I did not even know what that might mean if I had to grow into an adult and lose my whimsical side. I vowed that no matter how many times I had to talk to adult Siri I would not exchange my simple state for what the world might see as more valuable. I will grow in the areas that I can gain knowledge to help myself be better-rounded. I am not going to be like the teenage girl who puts on makeup way too early to try and fit in.

Oh Siri, I miss the good old days. Will you ever come back? Will I ever get used to your older sister instead of you?

What childish things do you need to give up today but what are some of those same qualities that you should hold onto and value as a fun part of who you are.

Blessings, Denise