Reality, Dreams and goals

Reality, Dreams and goals

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Sometimes it is in the melding of three things that could be opposites that a nice balance is achieved. My new reality is that my vision has gone white blank and even the few things I used to perceive are gone in the snow storm. I can liken it to layers and layers of white gauzy curtains being drawn up in front of my eyes. Little by little a new curtain is drawn up to obscure even more than before. I first noticed it a week ago as I stepped outside with my husband and the whole world fell away into blankness. It was no minor adaptation of my eyes to the new environment it was my new reality.

One of my dreams has been to do some great thing with my life so that when I departed this earth there would be someone or something that would stand up and out to declare that what I had done mattered. One of the reasons I write is to allow that part of myself that is important to be heard by others. Certainly not that I have some great pearls of tried and true wisdom that would shape people but it is in my solo words that convey truth to what I know. My dream is still the same even though my reality asks me to rethink that desire. No. it is still fitted firmly over my breastplate of wanting more from myself and others whose lives I might encounter.

I stand at my backdoor and look out at the white nothingness and with no people around I feel isolated and small. Then my goals start to resurface to bring my eyes off myself and into a bigger part of the world.

I rethink my doom and gloom thoughts and shuck them away to the wind of time and purpose. I can do things even though it looks daunting. I just have to do my goals with an end around plan. It will have to be worked out with a different schematic but no less great outcome.

I am in school again and I was reminded yesterday of the simple things making a huge impact. I was scheduled to have an online chat with my Professor and fellow students. When the teacher sent out his note about the chat he simply said we would meet on Monday night at 7:30pm. Great. I set my calendar alarm and looked with great expectation to the day. Then on the appointed day I got out my iPad and went to the chat feature for class. Much to my horror I learned that the Monday he had meant was already gone. With no date affixed to the message I was left to decide for myself what Monday I thought he meant. The lapse was discernable as I missed out entirely. It would not come back. It was then that I decided that if I ever needed to convey important information that it would be done straightforwardly. So here it is….

My reality is that my vision is gone and it will not be coming back.

My dream is to make my life count to help myself and others to find their purpose for why we are here on this earth.

My goal is to work as diligently toward that end with all the things I have at my disposal. Even in the face of unparalleled hurdles, I can continue to jump them. Others are not allowed to tell me what I cannot do but rather are asked to keep the low rumble of criticism out of my ears. What you think I can do and what I just might achieve is not for you to know but for me to prove otherwise.

Do not let circumstances get in the way of dreams and goals. Without either of these things to tether us to loftier skies we would shrivel up and die.

Take the time to reassess what is important and then set about a plan to help move you on the path to your dream goal.

Blessings, Denise