Passing Through

Passing Through

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Passing Through

Many, many years ago my son and I took a great road trip to Mt. Rushmore. The first long day of driving took us through things that were not very interesting. We had to pass through them to get to our real destination. We went through monotonous amounts of cities with no appeal, ridiculous amounts of miles of flat corn land. Then we started to come into the place we ventured to get to. We traced our way into the Badlands and all that was marvelous about that part of the country.

It was like the first day of driving was a necessary evil to endure until we got to the real deal of our long trip.

Oh how wrong I was. Everywhere that you travel adds value and is not the thing you push through to get to the next better panacea of places to imagine.

I was reminded of that as someone else close to me is setting out on a traveling trip and the first day was just the “getting through” phase of the trip. Then the next two days would be way more spectacular and glorious in the visual greatness of our country.

The first night landing place for that group was the same landing place that my son and I experienced so many years ago. It was like that little city was the pivotal point in all journeying and from that jumping off point all things are possible.

The one thing I have learned thanks to my visual impairment is that every part of this journey is too be savored and valued for the place  holders it forms to help build the path my life will travel.

I cannot hurry through this part with my hand fixed over my eyes in a posture of looking forward into time.

I need to look and see what is in front of me that will add to the days in my future. Each build on each other and none of them can be disregarded or thought of as less than wonderful on a grand scale.

I tried to look past my singular focus of just getting each day done. Sometimes those days were not done with excellence. They were done with knuckle gripping, painful spasms of just living through it. When in reality there was nothing white knuckle about it but my attitude.

For the people who have a visual impairment it is easy to feel off kilter and like we are walking on a fun house floor of dips and crashes.

This life’s journey does not mean having to live on daily auto pilot until you have gotten to the better place while you are passing through.

See what is on your path and in your future at this point in time. It is not to be dreaded but embraced.

Blessings, Denise

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