An Easy Tip – Living With Macular Degneration

An Easy Tip – Living With Macular Degneration

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High Contrast Wine Glass

If there is one easy tip that could really help someone to live better with macular degeneration wouldn’t you want to know it? Well, there is. It is called contrast. My husband was recently visiting his father who has wet macular degeneration. His father was helping to put away the dishes and accidentally broke one of the drinking glasses. It was a clear glass and he couldn’t see it sitting on the counter top . Of course, he really couldn’t help clean up the mess, because it was obviously too difficult for him to see the tiny, pieces of clear glass. This kind of mishap is totally avoidable with a few lessons in contrast.

One of the symptoms of age related macular degeneration (AMD) is the loss of contrast sensitivity. It becomes difficult to determine black from navy blue or the ability to see a black checkbook on a black granite counter top. However, by providing stark contrast, visibility is much improved and a person can actually see quite well. For example, it would be helpful for my in-laws to use dark colored drinking glasses, bowls and plates that contrast with their cream colored counter top. With these dark colored dishes, it would be important to also use light, solid colored place mats at the table to provide contrast there. The use of dark colored dishcloths, hot pad holders and hand towels are easily seen in a light colored sink or counter. Or vice-versa. If a person has dark colored counter tops use white or light colored dishes. Carry the contrast to the dinner table and use solid dark colored place mats.

The use of contrast can be used in the bathroom too. Use dark colored towels to hang on a towel rack in a light colored bathroom for better visibility. If your bathroom vanity is white and you need it to be dark to see your face wash or toothpaste, simply use a dark colored washcloth, tray or place mat on the vanity and put your toiletries on that.

The same principle can be applied to almost anything that has become difficult to see. For instance if it is hard to find the light switches, again use contrasting colored light switch plates. Purchase a light colored afghan for your dark colored couch. Put white doilies under dark items to make them stand out. Use white pens when working at your dark colored desk.

Remember people with AMD can see quite well when these easy adjustments are made and helps them to maintain their independence. For more tips on living with macular degeneration go to:

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