Let’s Get Practical in the Bathroom

Let’s Get Practical in the Bathroom

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Grooming and personal care becomes more difficult with vision loss.  And yet hair needs to be styled, teeth need to be brushed and faces need to be washed everyday.  I’ve learned several practical tips for the bathroom from Peggy Wolfe the author of Vision Loss: Strategies for Living with Hope and Independence.

Magnifying Lighted Mirror

A lighted makeup mirror with magnification can help you see better to shave in the morning, tweeze an eyebrow, or to apply makeup.  There are different magnification strengths ranging from 2X to 7X.  Powered by electric cords or batteries, a lighted mirror brings the light where you need it when bathroom overhead lights are no longer sufficient.  If you like to go out of the house with your lipstick and eyebrow pencil applied just right, you can step out in confidence with this helpful vision aid.

Nail Care

Often one needs extra light and magnification to trim toe or fingernails – but you can’t be holding a lighted magnifier and nail trimmer at the same time.  That’s when a hands free lighted neck magnifier or visor comes in handy.   Point the light and magnifier toward your finger or toe nail and trim it with accuracy.

Brushing Teeth

A pump dispenser is easier to use than a squeeze bottle of toothpaste. You won’t get too little or too much with a single pump.  Leave the dispenser on the bathroom counter to make it even easier to locate.  Place your clean finger under the pump and put the toothpaste directly into your mouth.  No need to try to locate just the right spot on your toothbrush.

Medicine Cabinet

Simplify finding your most used items, by getting rid of products you no longer use or use very infrequently.  Arrange your items so that they are grouped in categories.  Hair spray, hair gel, combs and brushes in one place and face wash, moisturizer and eye cream in another.  Store the grouping – such as all hair care products in one drawer or one organizer/container.  Be consistent about where you place your items so that you can reach into the same drawer, shelf or container and quickly locate what you are looking for.

Prescriptions and Supplements

The use of pill organizers will vary with each person depending on if there is a need for morning pills and vitamins and evening pills and vitamins.  For those who take their medications or supplements at two different times during the day, use two different colored 7 day pill organizers – one for AM and one for PM.   When you fill your pill organizer for the week, start with all of your pills and supplements on one side, and once in the pill box, place the bottle on the other side.

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN