Ice Cream: It’s not just for kids.

Ice Cream: It’s not just for kids.

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Remember when you were a kid and you were sick, got hurt or suffered some other calamity?  You almost always got ice cream out of the deal.  It was like a rule.  Something bad happens and you got ice cream!  Right!

When exactly did that tradition stop and whose idea was it to stop it?  I am not kidding here.  I want names and dates and I want them now!  Well, dear reader, there is a reason for this rant.  Read on.

Recently, on a bright and sunny Georgia day, I was out walking.  As always, I was using my long white cane.  There I was, on the sidewalk, minding my own business in my quiet neighborhood and BAM!  I was hit by something and was being propelled into the street by a car.  My life did not flash before me but in retrospect it is amazing the things that did flash through my mind.

As I returned to earth I wondered if the driver of the car that hit me knew about it.  I was afraid of being run over if the car kept coming!  I wondered if my white cane would break and stab me.  Would I land in a way that would minimize injuries?  Was there ice cream in my future?

I should also be remiss if I did not report that I was wearing headphones.  But more importantly, the vehicle what hit me was a Prius. You know, the cars that you cannot hear. I personally think they should be banned!  I would not have heard the car anyway.

I was relatively unhurt physically.  The driver stopped and no further damage was inflicted.  The driver was suitably  horrified but had the good sense to ask me what kind of ice cream I liked.  I took this to be a good sign and told her not to worry about  it. I figured she would get ice cream anyway and I could, therefore, appear to be gallant and still get ice cream.  (BIG mistake)

I did, however, find myself  being afraid to go out walking.  This bout of Post-traumatic stress was far worse than any physical injuries.  Eventually this was overcome but caused me to think about  a few things.  When bad things happen try to make something good out of them.  A little introspection can be a good thing.  Don’t be afraid to be afraid.  Getting hit by a car is a big deal even if you have sight.  Without sight it really sucks! I tried to minimize it way too much by telling everyone I was fine while sitting on the couch.  When something bad happens it is OK to think and work your way through  it.  Don’t be a hero and decide there is nothing wrong.

I am now back to walking but I only use one ear bud now.  As I said, I would not have heard the Prius anyway but better to give myself the best chance to be safe by leaving one ear to hear traffic.  And finally, never assume ice cream.  Once the driver determined that I was OK my ice cream went out the window.

I am thinking of starting a movement to insure ice cream any time one suffers injuries. It seems only right. Anyone interested?


By Dick Barbuto