How to Find A Support Group

How to Find A Support Group

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As of March 2015, there are over a 135 support groups listed in the US and international directory at  That’s how I found a low vision support group right in my own hometown, just a few miles from my house.   I attended my first group last month and met people with a variety of low vision conditions from retinitis pigmentosa (RP) to macular degeneration.  The facilitator, who has RP, covered a variety of topics from how to get a free bill reader if you live in the US to how to take advantage of the Talking Books Program.  She gave a demonstration of how the bill reader works with a hand out of how to obtain one.  People were able to share their questions about how to sign up for The Talking Books program, how the cassette works, and how to order books.

What makes my community unique for those with vision loss is that residents can get around the community using golf carts.  Depending on the severity of one’s vision loss – some of those attending can’t drive cars or golf carts at all while others can safely drive on the golf cart paths.  In fact several of those attending the support group mentioned that they picked our community to live in for just that reason.   They are able to get to grocery stores, schools, hair salons, dentists offices or neighbors’ homes on beautiful tree lined golf cart paths that take the riders under tunnels or on overpass bridges avoiding any busy streets.

My local support group has been meeting for a couple of years.  About 20 people were in attendance.  Many attendees knew each other and new members and spouses were made to feel welcome.  While not all groups are the same, this support group meets once a month, attends local low vision conferences together, and enjoys regular social gatherings as well.

Find out if there is a low vision support group in your state or country.

MD Support Group List

If there aren’t one you can get free help in starting and facilitating a group.  You will be provided with a Facilitator’s Kit that includes step-by-step instructions for organizing and running a successful support group.

Starting a Low Vision Support Group

If it works better for you to learn on-line MD Support offers monthly presentations that cover topics such as “Using a Cane: Is it Right for Me?” or “Overcoming Challenges of Vision Loss”.

Monthly Presentations

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN