Challenging Expectations: At School

Challenging Expectations: At School

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Did you know there are 57,983 registered legally blind school-age children in the United States? This number is expected to continue to grow substantially. For these school-aged children and young adults pursuing a college degree, access to printed and digital materials is essential for their educational success.

Vispero’s focus has always been on developing products and solutions to help individuals remain independent at home, school, and work. Our goal is to provide the tools students need to challenge and exceed expectations in the classroom and beyond.

This goal to help students go above and beyond expectations has been one of the driving forces for partnering with National Federation of the Blind (NFB). The National Federation of the Blind “knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines the future for blind students.” Their extensive educational programs encourage blind youth to reach their fullest potential and work to provide teachers and families with the tools and knowledge they need to create greater opportunities for their students.

These educational programs are funded in part by voluntary donations. Double your impact and be a part of the mission to empower independence and challenge expectations by giving to the NFB during the “Challenging Expectations: A Partnership with Vispero” NFB Matching Gift Challenge. Give to the NFB from October 15th through the end of 2022, and Vispero will match your gift up to $50,000!