5 Ways an Electronic Magnifier Can Improve Your Day to Day Life

5 Ways an Electronic Magnifier Can Improve Your Day to Day Life

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Enjoying your favorite activities and living day to day life can be challenging when you have low vision. It’s easy to feel as though you simply can’t do the things you want to do, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are a variety of low vision solutions that can help you maintain an active, enjoyable life with macular degeneration, such as electronic magnifiers.

Electronic magnifiers are easy to use devices that use advanced technology to help you see every day objects, writing and more. Here are 5 different ways electronic magnifiers can improve your day to day living and can help you live the kind of life you want despite having vision that is limited by macular degeneration.

  1. Handheld Magnifiers Can Help You Lead an Active Life

While many magnifier options are large and bulky, newer technology is allowing individuals with low vision to have the option to purchase smaller, handheld magnifiers that can be taken anywhere and stored in a pocket or purse. Handheld magnifiers can make it easier to see menus, newspapers, price tags and more. You don’t have to let low vision keep you from being able to go out and enjoy a meal with friends or family, or find the best deal at a shopping mall. Handheld magnifiers are a great addition to other tools so you can achieve your best vision on the go.

  1. Book Magnifiers Can Help Reading to Be Fun Again

For individuals who love to read, low vision caused by macular degeneration can be a huge obstacle. However, electronic magnifiers that are designed specifically for books, magazines and other reading material can make struggling to read a thing of the past. Large displays make it easier to see small print on a page, and don’t exhaust the eyes as quickly as smaller displays.

  1. Hands Free Magnifiers Can Allow You to Use Both Hands

Many people with low vision want to continue working or engaging in their favorite activities, but find it problematic to do so when they have to hold an electronic magnifier in one hand in order to see well. There are many types


of magnifiers that can be mounted on prescription eyeglasses, worn without needing to use the hands, or mounted on a stand so individuals with low vision can accomplish daily tasks that require two hands. Hands free magnifiers are an excellent choice for individuals who like to accomplish tasks with their hands, such as knitting, cooking and more.

  1. Magnifiers That Are Compatible With Computers Can Make Working and Surfing the Internet Easy

Computers are an integral part of every day life, and it’s important that individuals with special vision needs be able to use computers with ease. Many electronic magnifiers are made to be compatible with desktop and laptop computers, or are made specifically to be used with computers. An electronic magnifier that works with your computer, laptop or even your tablet computer can not only help you to see the keys better for more accurate typing and navigation, but can also magnify the screen to give you the best vision possible while working or surfing the Internet.

  1. Memory Settings on Electronic Magnifiers Can Make Using Them a Breeze

Learning how to use an electronic magnifier can be frustrating. There may be many settings, and it may take some time to figure out exactly how to utilize the magnifier to achieve your best vision. By using an electronic magnifier that has the capability to memorize your specific settings, you can save the time and effort it would take to readjust the settings every day, allowing you more time to do what you love. Some electronic magnifiers have multiple “profiles” that allow more than one magnification setting to be memorized. This is exceptionally helpful for individuals that prefer to use several different settings on their electronic magnifiers, or for households that have more than one person with unique vision needs.

If you or a loved one are struggling with low vision and need a device that can help meet your unique vision needs and give you the best possible vision for a variety of tasks, consider using an electronic magnifier. There are many types of electronic magnifiers available today that can provide you with the technology you need to see and do the things you love. Discuss how electronic magnifiers can improve your day to day life with an experienced low vision specialist today.