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Acrobat Short Arm with 12″ Panel –

3-in-1 Video Magnifier on the go

This 3-in-1 magnifier is complemented by a 12″ portable LCD viewing panel, offering a lightweight package for magnification on-the-go. Easily take this system with you to work, school or anywhere in between. The panel has a built in rechargeable battery for over 4 hours of power and is easy to transport in a durable padded backpack that is also included! Featuring over 40x adjustable magnification, adjustable color contrast and many other features to make your viewing experience enjoyable. This lightweight portable magnification system allows you to read and write and see magnified images at any distance wherever you are. To read more click here.

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Vitamins and Eye Health

Did you know that the right combination of foods high in specific vitamins and nutrients can help you reduce the risk certain eye diseases? Incorporating tasty colorful foods such as blueberries, tomatoes, carrots and a variety of leafy greens not only benefits your eyes but can also be quite beneficial to your mind and waistline.To read more click here.

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February Low Vision Tips – Food Preparation-Cutting

Preparing your fruits and vegetables may be easier than you think with some of the wonderful tools available. If using a knife is a bit intimidating, consider using blade-free food choppers. This is a good option to help protect your fingers while chopping up your favorite vegetables. If you prefer a knife for slicing, you may want to try using a slicing guide. With a simple turn of a knob, you can select your desired thickness and begin slicing without having to use your fingers as a guide. Using a reversible black and white cutting board is also a good idea as it provides color contrast against what you are preparing.

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Special Offer From Enhanced Vision

Purchase a Acrobat Shortarm 12″ Panel and save $500. Only $1995.

Offer expires: February 28, 2010. Promo code:1021

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Low Vision Events

FFB Vision Seminar

Boston, MA March 5, 2011


Oakland, CA March 10-14, 2011


San Diego, CA March 14-19, 2011

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Share Your Story

This following story and the wonderful picture that this individual shared with us absolutely blew me away. Our thanks to Mr. Eric Brueck who was kind enough to share his story with us.

Top of the Mountain of the Sun in Zion Natl Park, Utah. Click here to see image.

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I am 59 years old and I developed Stargardt’s disease when I was 11 years old (even though they didn’t know what it was back then), and by the time I was 16, I was legally blind (20/200).  I worked for the National Park Service for 32 years and was on a technical rescue team for all of that time which required hundreds of hours of training as well as being called on many rescues. I participated in rescues in all types of conditions and in all types of terrain, using helicopters as well as many miles of hiking and climbing over rough country.  My eyesight degraded to about 20/400 into my 10th year with the NPS, but I continued on the rescue team.  I am now retired and am still called on rescues for the county and I actually have been their high angle team leader and training officer for the past 2 years. To all those young people out there with this disease, please do not give up your dreams and keep trying; there is much for you to do and accomplish.  I know, I have been there.
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