Vision Loss

Vision Loss

Posted on Sep.13, 2013, under Educational, Guest Blogger, Living With Low Vision

It is funny, but I always thought of vision loss as everything going black. That is not what is happening in my instance.

Everything is going white. Every day, more and more it looks like the blinding snow storm is moving in to stay. The temperature remains the same but the storm of white has settled in like a low pressure system. It is stationed directly over my head.

Years ago I remember saying and saying on many subsequent occasions “If my vision would only stay this bad and not get any worse.”

Then like a house precariously perched on a high cliff in which the rain waters have undergirded its foundation, the house slowly slides down the side of the cliff.

It starts to hurl towards the bottom at first slowly but it picks up momentum as its own weight cascades it forward. Then it hits bottom and rests there and the journey is now done. The house has traveled as far as it can to the bedrock of its base. Now the decay of the house lying at the bottom will begin. The rotting hulk will take on another layer of sliding but this one won’t have with it the obvious motion as it moves downward for any and all to watch. This next landslide happens without notice until it is well underway and then it is only seen by comparison. Subtle changes. Small changes.

Take a picture of what the house looks like at the first day of its demise. Take another picture the second day as it is morphing into its extinction. They do not look that much different.

Continue to take those photos and after an elongated period take all the photos and hold them in your hand like a deck of tightly fanned cards.

Make the photos work like a motion picture projector and force the images to move in faster succession so you can see the progress of change move before your eyes.

The change is there and it has to happen.

If enough time elapses the death will be complete and total destruction will be the outcome.   Nature will overtake the ground and make it appear like no house had ever rested their at all. Time will accomplish the overhaul.

That is a lot like what my eyes are doing now. They have finished the slow slide off the cliff to the bottom of the precipice where they will remain until the slow destruction from within is complete.

The changes will me small and unnoticeable until they are gone.

So as the whiteness of the world takes over my eyeballs I will continue to try to see through what my eyeballs can’t and look for the sunny days beyond myself.

Blessings, Denise


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