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- Nadine N.

I first met Elinor O’Grady in the summer of 1999. I received a phone call from her and she informed me that she had recently been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and was frustrated, depressed and wanting to know where a “Support Group” might be located.I informed her that the closest one that I was aware of was in Greenville, Ohio. This location was about one hour from her residence and that was not acceptable so Elinor decided to start her own support group. One month later she had her first meeting and she asked me to be her quest speaker.

Fast forward to 2013 and in February of that year , I lost my friend to cancer. She was still attempting to read with a portable magnifier that I loaned to her, so she could read her daily prayers. At the funeral I was able to meet her son who came in from out-of-state. I expressed my condolences and he appreciated it and was glad to meet me. He told me that the Merlin magnifier that his Mother had (see picture) was such an important part of his Mother’s life and his wanted me to have it to give to an individual who did not have the finances to purchase one. Later in the week I picked up her Merlin and delivered it to a legally blind lady who was subsiding on less then $500 a month S.S check. She was thrilled with Elinor’s generosity and I fortunately filmed her gracious “Thank You” to the family of Elinor.

You can go to websites today (MaxiAids, Amazon, and others) and still purchase Elinors Large Print Cookbook. She was a wonderful lady and I am blessed to have known her.

- Elinor O.

The picture that I want to share with you in this email is of Mrs. Linda Schulte of Ottawa, Ohio. She is totally blind and she is one of the people who came to the Low Vision Show that was put on last Friday in Lima, Ohio. As you can see , she did purchase a Smart Reader and is thrilled. She told me that this is exactly what she has been hoping for and could never find. The picture is showing her reading last Sundays church bulletin. (very important) to her

Thank you for making those phone calls that I requested to different sources.

- Nadine N.

Over the past two weeks I have had the good fortune to meet a lot of the veterans who you recommended a magnifier for. All of these veterans are very happy with the aid they now receive from their  devices. Mr. Lonnie Watkins with his new Smart Reader can now read again, as can Mr. Charles Lucas who has great help with his Merlin Ultra. Mr. Nathaniel Lake and  James Hoffman both like the versatility that the Pebble allows them.

But the greatest excitement seems to come from the individuals who have received the Davinci Pro. Since this model can also read to them , these veterans find it an enormous help. Mr. Albert Miller was reading the sport pages when I left him last Friday and this past Monday I had such a good time with Mr. William Arthur (see picture) of Bethel, Ohio. He has a huge collection of books and he was averaging reading 7 books a week prior to losing his vision. After I trained him on the Davinci Pro, Mr. Arthur said, and I quote.


It is statements like these that make me so pleased to do what I do. In a small way , I am helping these people live and love their lives again.

- Ken S.

One of the added benefits when a person purchases a video magnifier is their sudden awareness that they can do more than just read with it. A couple of examples would be when Mrs. Ausma Balinkin of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is thrilled that she can resume her passion (knitting) with the aid of her Acrobat 20 Ultra,  so she can maintain making scarfs, knit caps and other clothing for the underprivileged.

Also people are pleased when they can resume writing. Over the years this has always been a highlight for people. Such as Mr. Jack Collins a proud veteran who owns both a Merlin and a portable AMIGO magnifier.

- Jack C.

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