Here are the steps to update your Amigo:

  1. Review Technical Bulletin
  2. Download the SW link below onto your computer
    USB Updater: Download Here
    Please be patient! The SW download can take up to 10 minutes with good internet speed
  3. Copy the SW from your Downloads folder onto a Flash drive with a USB A Male End and a USB C Male End.
    Similar to the one pictured below. 
    Example image of a usb-c flash drive
  4. Insert the Flash Drive into the USB C port on the left side of your Amigo
  5. Go into the “Settings Menu” in the Amigo 8 and Select the option “System Settings”
  6. Ensure you have a minimum 60% battery power.
  7. Select “Update Device” and Click the Mode button which is next to the “checkmark” icon. You will need to Click the mode button next to the “checkmark” icon one more time
    PLEASE Be Patient while the Software installs. This can take several minutes. Once you see the message “Update completed successfully”, tap the Mode button to allow the Amigo to restart
  8. Remove the flash drive once you see the live image again and you are done!