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Computer Compatible Low Vision Products

Looking for a computer compatible video magnifier?

More and more low vision users are looking for a full featured system. These systems incorporate computer compatible video magnifiers that are feature rich and versatile using advance technologies that allow viewing computer files and magnified images simultaneously.

Merlin LCD Plus Electronic Magnifier

The Merlin LCD Plus video magnifier comes fully equipped and brings computer compatibility and split screen functionality all together. The remote software eliminates additional controls or buttons to push and allows you to control various functions from your computer.

Merlin Plus – Desktop Video Magnifier

Acrobat LCD Elctronic Magnifier

The Acrobat LCD video magnifier uses a smart video connection to send images to your computer screen. This feature allows you to toggle between your computer and the magnified image. This is a great feature in a low vision assistive device for users that desire computer connectivity as well as a low vision electronic magnifier.

Acrobat LCD 3-in-1 Desktop Video Magnifier

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