CSUN 2021 Virtual AT Conference 

March 9-13, 2021 

 We invite you to join us virtually from the comfort of your home or office during any of our official program sessions, or during live exhibit hall hoursOur staff will be available virtually for product demonstrations and to answer any questions you may have, including all Vispero brands: Enhanced Vision, Freedom Scientific, Optelec, and The Paciello Group.  Stay tuned to learn what prizes we’ll be giving away during the conference. 

Official Sessions 

These sessions have been pre-recorded and those marked with an asterisk (*) will offer time for live Q and A following the presentation.  Please check back for specific times. 

Tuesday Sessions 

Improve User Experience and Minimizing Risk with User Flows*

Matt Feldman, David Sloan 

Just Ask Me, I Will Do It 

Sriram Ramanathan, Roxana Fischer 

Real World to Web: Evolving the Vispero Escape Room 

Jean Ducrot, Ian Lloyd 

The Power of JAWS 

Matt Ater 

Truly Empowering Independence, an Introduction to Low Vision Devices 

Mike Wood 

Using the ARC Platform to Manage Real Life Accessibility Challenges 

Mark Miller, Steven Hamilton, Kurt Mattes, Dave Pinke 

Navigating the Universe of Online Learning with Fusion 

Rachel Buchanan 


Wednesday Sessions 

Touchless Kiosks, How Can They Be Accessible for the Blind? 

Matt Ater, Laura Boniello Miller 

What’s New in JAWS 2021 

Eric Damery 

Accessibility Testing of User Journeys Using JAWS 

Larry Lewis 

Present Like a Pro, Use JAWS to Create Pro Presentations 

Elizabeth Whitaker 

More Than Just Webinars, It’s Certified Continuing Education 

Mike Wood 

The Hidden Cost of Outsourcing Your Digital Development 

Ben Tillyer 

Getting Started with Excel Accessibility 

Aaron Farber 


Thursday Sessions 

What’s New in Fusion and ZoomText 2021 

Eric Damery 

Creating an Inclusive Experience for Kiosk Users 

Ryan Jones 

Connecting When We’re Not Together, Working Remotely with Fusion 

Elizabeth Whitaker 

ElBraille, Reimagining Access to Windows with Braille 

Ron Miller 

Kiosk Accessibility: Building an Accessible Kiosk 

Laura BonielloMiller, Rachael Bradley Montgomery 

The Marketer’s Guide to Accessibility 

Brad Henry, Marissa Sapega 

Friday Sessions 

Continuous Accessibility 

Chase Aucoin 

Carousels – Just Don’t. (But Sometimes You Have To) 

Bryan Elton 

Controlling Your Assistive Tech with Your Voice! 

Elizabeth Whitaker 

Microsoft Teams and JAWS 

Matt Ater 

We Make Content For You, Come Visit Our Training Center 

Rachel Buchanan 

Intro to Freedom Scientific Student of the Month Program 

Mike Wood, Rachel Buchanan 


Exhibit Hall Schedule (subject to change) 


Prize Giveaways 

Please check back to learn what exciting prizes we will be giving away during the conference, and how you can enter to win!