Enhanced Vision is a leading developer of assistive technology for the visually impaired including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Diabetic Retinopathy . Low vision assistive technology enables people to read, write and fully participate in life.

Enhanced Vision has been at the forefront of the low vision field since its inception in 1996. We have brought many of the industry’s most innovative assistive technologies to the market. With a strong management background in medical devices, the company furthered the assistive technology market with the development of one of the first headworn magnifiers called the V-Max, now called JORDY. Today our product portfolio is considered one of the most diverse and reliable on the market.
See why…

  • Merlin – the most ergonomic and affordable electronic magnifier available.
  • Acrobat – the only 3-in-1 camera technology for near, distance and self viewing that memorizes favorite settings in each viewing mode.
  • Transformer USB – A flexible and portable laptop solution for reading, writing and viewing magnified images at any distance.
  • Amigo – a truly portable desktop magnifier.
  • Pebble HD – hand held portable electronic magnifier.
  • Max – the most affordable and reliable handheld digital magnifier.

Dedicated to helping individuals maintain their independence, Enhanced Vision has developed leading assistive technology to create a full line of superior, easy-to-use low vision tools at affordable prices. We pride ourselves for listening to our customers in order to develop the best assistive technology possible. Our assistive technology is offered by low vision professionals and can be found in specialized low vision agencies throughout the world. We are located in Orange County, California.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy at Enhanced Vision is to exceed customer’s expectation in everything we do. Through our customer focus and continuous improvement philosophy, quality is evident in every low vision device we design, manufacture, test and deliver. Emphasis on innovative technology, quality, and reliability coupled with our extensive distribution network provides our customers with superior products and services. We at Enhanced Vision take every measure to ensure quality, excellence and industry-leading processes throughout every single operation.