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Acrobat HD ultra

Acrobat HD ultra

Acrobat HD ultra

Price: $2,530.00

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The new Acrobat HD ultra LCD in use to view book and self viewing.​Acrobat HD ultra’s new Full HD 3-in-1 camera provides the best image quality available today! Enjoy brighter sharper colors and bold contrast with this feature rich electronic magnifier. A wider field of view allows you to see even more of what you want.

It’s our most flexible solution for reading, writing or viewing magnified images at any distance. Use it up close like a mirror for applying make-up or other personal grooming. 
By simply rotating the camera you can magnify images in the distance. Use it to view presentations, paperwork, even work on crafts and hobbies. Acrobat HD ultra is ideal for work, school or home, and is  easily transported.


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