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Merlin HD Basic
Merlin HD Basic

Merlin HD Basic

Merlin HD Basic

Price: $2,200.00

Reading • Writing • Hobbies

‚ÄčMerlin HD basic offers many of the same features of our standard Merlin in a low cost package, allowing you to view superior image quality and maximum versatility in HD. 


  • Wide range of adjustable magnification from 2.7x to 62x (varies with display size and HD)
  • Object Locator for quick zoom in and out
  • Intelligent Focus Lock option for writing
  • 28 color select options available
  • Preset option for favorite magnification settings
  • 7 preset viewing modes
  • Auto focus
  • Light on/off switch
  • DVI output allows connection to any size computer monitor, LCD or Plasma television
  • 3 year warranty

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